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Understanding the Illinois Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act

This fall, Julia Jensen Smolka had an article published with the Illinois State Bar Association Real Estate Section. The article is a summary of the Illinois Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Lien Act. Ms. Smolka won a ruling on appeal with the First District Appellate Court on the validity of a commercial real estate lien on a property when the owner of a six flat attempted to close a sale without paying her realtor.

You can read the article here.

Reorganizing the Balance Sheet: How Millennial Professionals Can Take Advantage of Government Tax Breaks

Many millennials carry heavy student debt burdens, but there are tax-advantaged strategies that some may employ to better take advantage of the Internal Revenue Code. Read More...

UCC Financing Statements Are Not Impenetrable Shields

A common tactic of debtors is to assert that they owe money to a lender who's loan is secured by a UCC Financing Statement.  However, this form of security instrument is not as ironclad as debtors would hope you believe. Read More...