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Julia has extensive litigation experience. She represents both defendants and plaintiffs in lawsuits, which include landlord tenant disputes, condominium association collections, homeowner disputes, contractor disputes, probate disputes, and real estate transactions including real estate broker’s commission disputes. She has experience drafting contracts, leases, business sales transactions and settlement agreements with an eye toward anticipating potential litigation and protecting her client.

Julia frequently represents businesses and individuals as debtors in reorganizations. bankruptcy, and debt restructuring. Additionally, she represents creditors by protecting their rights when navigating the bankruptcy system. Julia also has substantial experience in representing lenders in lien disputes and commercial collection, as well as contractors and homeowners in construction and mechanic’s lien litigation. Julia also represents condominium and homeowners’ associations in litigation, collection, negotiations with vendors and disputes with utilities and municipalities. She is experienced with drafting estate plans and representing estate and beneficiaries in probate litigation.

Julia graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997, and attended Loyola University of Chicago’s Law School (2000). She practices in the areas of general litigation, estate planning, probate litigation, commercial law, condominium law, construction litigation, and bankruptcy.

Julia prides herself in being accessible to her clients.  She can translate excessive legalese into something her clients will understand.  She will explain the cost benefits of any legal action, because even if a client is right, there are costs to go forward with any legal action.  She won’t file suit without going ahead and explaining the costs of the legal work, so the client can make an informed decision.

“My passion is helping my clients by educating, advising and using my years of experience and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.”


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