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The #MeToo Impact in Illinois

By Karuna S. Brunk The #MeToo Movement has gained traction in Illinois. Employers should take proactive steps to comply with the law and protect their businesses. There are far too many legal changes to detail every single one here, but….

The Future of Work from Home Accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act

By Jonathan R. Ksiazek With technological advances and modern workplaces, working from home is becoming a more common occurrence. According to the U.S. Census, in 2017 approximately 8 million people, or 5.2% of the workforce, worked from home. A recent….


On March 14, 2019, please join our attorneys Margherita Albarello and Oana Militaru at our offices between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM for breakfast and a free Seminar on Navigating the ADA, the FMLA, Worker Compensation Absences & the benefits….

TIPS OF THE WEEK – Estate Planning and Elder Law

By: Anthony Ferraro Do you have powers of attorney in place? I know it sounds simplistic, and we have all heard this before, but perhaps the most important document that you can have upon beginning the long term care journey….


By: Margherita Albarello Illinois Workplace Transparency Act, pending Senate Bill 30 This pending bill provides that employers of any size shall not require a current or prospective employee to sign a “nondisclosure agreement” that (1) limits the person’s right to….

U.S. Supreme Court Reverses Law on a state’s right to compel mail-order/internet sellers to collect sales tax on products delivered to that state

Our Constitution in its Commerce Clause prevents states from discriminating against or unduly burdening interstate commerce. Commerce has obviously changed considerably in the almost 250 years since the Constitution was written: sales taxes were once collected only on local transactions:….


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