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When business partnerships, corporations,  limited liability companies and joint ventures begin, the future is typically filled with optimism. However, as the business grows, new circumstances can cause that good feeling to change. Partners operating in harmony find themselves with different goals. Questions on company direction and control can surface. One partner may decide to leave the company altogether, raising concerns about whether they may try to take confidential information and clients with them.

It can happen in any company. The key is to plan for the unexpected with the attorneys at DiMonte & Lizak that concentrate in corporate and business governance. When founding members of a business can’t always see the potential impasses that may occur in the long-term, we do and factor in those scenarios as we draft agreements and form corporate entities. Having this foresight from our extensive experience often helps our clients avoid business disruption and costly litigation so they can continue to move the business forward.

That said, if litigation is necessary to protect the business’ sensitive information and its assets during a key transition, DiMonte & Lizak is prepared to work relentlessly as an advocate for your entity; so you can proceed from a position of strength, not vulnerability.

No matter what stage of its lifecycle your business is in, talk to DiMonte & Lizak about our corporate and business governance services featuring:

  • Drafting of shareholder, member and partnership agreements
  • Formation and maintenance of business entities, including: Corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, joint ventures and sole proprietorships
  • Mergers, sales and acquisitions
  • Procurement of financing from traditional financing institutions, government sources or from less conventional source
  • Succession planning

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