Ground Is Broken At The Construction Site.
Now How Do We Maintain The Foundation Of Trust?

A construction project often has a variety of parties with their own interests involved, from building owners to contractors and developers to architects. Add a multitude of unforeseen events impacting these parties that can often occur in the course of the project such as disputes on scope-of-work and payment. With reputations at stake and emotions running high, it’s not unusual to witness a dispute transform into a complex legal issue.

At DiMonte & Lizak, our attorneys who specialize in construction law take a proactive approach to managing risk for our clients by drafting and reviewing legal paperwork as early as possible. When the finer points are addressed pertaining to safety regulations, labor and employment, licenses, property rights, taxes, environmental concerns and more, many legal challenges can often be curtailed.

If litigation and its expenses can be prevented, our attorneys will assess the dispute and consider your best avenues from a negotiation and mediation standpoint. However, if litigation is what the situation demands, DiMonte & Lizak is prepared to apply our collective background in construction law to develop a powerful strategy in court.

Mechanic’s Liens

To help protect the interests of those who have performed labor or provided materials under a contract, DiMonte & Lizak can prepare a Mechanic’s Lien to ensure any outstanding debts are paid.  DiMonte & Lizak can also advise and defend property owners from improper or unenforceable lien claims.

Claiming a lien or defending against a lien claim has theirown complexities and technicalities in terms of the language used and a very finite window for filing a claim. This calls for the deep knowledge our attorneys have of Mechanic’s Lien law requirements to understand how your rights can be enforced, procedural steps can be properly followed and payment can be recovered.

Turn to DiMonte & Lizak for assistance with legal matters in the construction arena that include:

  • Pre-contract review and counseling with respect to contractual agreements and documents, as well as contract analysis
  • Construction payment documentation including payment applications, owners and contractor sworn statements and lien waivers
  • Preparation of contracts to be used by the individual client and addressing the legal problems of those engaged in construction
  • Evaluation and assistance with respect to delay damage issues and other in-progress construction disputes
  • Preparation and filing of required mechanics lien claim documents and prosecution and defense of lien foreclosure actions
  • Prosecution and defense of breach of contract lawsuits
  • Representation in construction-related arbitrations

Attorneys Working on Construction and Mechanic’s Liens:




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