When Real Estate
Regulations Shift,
Our Firm Stays One Step Ahead.

Our real estate attorneys at DiMonte & Lizak have been practicing long enough to know that in the arena of real estate regulations, the only constant is change. Regulations seemingly shift in an instant on land use, zoning codes, building permit applications and other factors that influence the value of a real estate investment on a major level. When litigation involving the property is added to the equation, the real estate investment’s value could be in serious jeopardy.

Based on the outcome, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

To protect a property’s value – and your reputation – it takes the team of attorneys from DiMonte & Lizak to deeply understand the nuances of transactional real estate so that our next move can be tailored to meet the challenge head on. When projects call for re-zoning ,additions, improvements or remodels, we’re well prepared to navigate the process so that the project remains on schedule. If applications are denied or a charge of code violations occurs, we’ll consider your best options for defense.

It’s good to have the consistency of clarity in a marketplace that’s not always easy to predict. Whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation, DiMonte & Lizak provides legal guidance on:

  • Representation of purchasers and sellers in commercial and residential transactions
  • Residential, Industrial & Commercial – Real Estate Sale, Acquisition & Leasing
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Representation of borrowers and lenders in preparation and review of loan documents
  • Representation before zoning boards, planning commissions and other governmental bodies concerning land use issues and zoning litigation
  • Transactional services concerning condominium development and/or conversion
  • Representation of landowners in eminent domain and condemnation proceedings
  • Mortgage foreclosure – prosecution and defense
  • Representation in landlord – tenant disputes

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