Personal & Business Insolvency & Bankruptcy

When a company or individual experiences financial distress, bankruptcy is an option.  Our attorneys not only have experience filing bankruptcies, but also have experience in exploring alternative settlement options too.

Bankruptcy often deals with looking back to events of the past. At DiMonte & Lizak, our knowledge of creditors’ rights and bankruptcy means we’re building a plan of legal action to help our clients move forward.

Having represented creditors, debtors and bankruptcy trustees our firm has a unique insight on the complexities impacting all sides of the table. Our experience in the realm of debtor-creditor law enables us to create a customized strategy for what our clients need most in a negotiation or litigation setting.

Our services covering personal and business insolvency and bankruptcy include:

  • Representation of debtors and creditors in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Representation of borrowers in loan default and restructuring matters
  • Representation of borrowers in mortgage foreclosures, breach of contracts and personal guaranty litigation
  • Representation of bankruptcy trustees
  • Preparation and representation in assignments for benefit of creditors, compositions and other non-bankruptcy insolvency situations

Attorneys Working on Personal & Business Insolvency & Bankruptcy:




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